Postpartum Exercise

Postpartum Exercise Program

Start slow, especially if you didn't do much exercising while pregnant. Personal trainer and Olympic Gymnast Mihai Bagiu, AFAA, has designed the quickest way to lose belly fat routine for his wife. You can start this postpartum exercise after just two days from the birth date, or later if you're still not up to it.

Exercise your belly area with basic crunches, and your thighs with lunges. Focus on your legs with leg curls. You can do this by simply standing against the wall for support then alternately raise your knee to your butt, as far as you can go. You can also do leg raises. Lay flat on your back then raise your legs straight towards the ceiling. Include toe tapping and tip toe standing to energize your calves and shins. Increase intensity as you feel stronger.

Postpartum Exercise With Baby

can exercise with your baby. A lot of postpartum exercise routines are designed for both mom and child to enjoy. This is a good way for both of you to bond. Before going into the exercises, make sure that you are properly dressed. Avoid baggy clothing that might snag and cause you to trip. Do not forget to wear a good supporting sports bra. Keep yourself hydrated, take breaks when you feel like it and do not push yourself. Your comfort should be a priority this time. It is also advised that you breastfeed your baby before the routines.

Take strolls with your baby on the stroller. This is a good cardiovascular activity for mommy and baby will always enjoy the sights. You can also effectively get back to your pre-pregnancy body with postpartum yoga and Pilates.

There are classes designed for new mothers with their babies. Another good postpartum exercise and bonding activity is water aerobics. Your bundle of joy will enjoy the frolic in the water while water movements help a lot in toning your muscles.

There are also a lot of dance and exercise videos you can engage at the comfort of your home together with your baby. Active playing and cuddling can also effectively burn excess fat.

Women gain an average of 30lbs during pregnancy. You are also able to lose about 20lbs of that in a month or two after birth. It is the remaining pounds that are hard to shed. For that, there are specialty pregnancy diets which contain comprehensive postpartum exercise programs.

You can start your exercise routines with slow to moderate walking and easy stretching in as early as few days after birth. This will prepare your body for more vigorous exercises. If you’ve done some prenatal yoga during your pregnancy, you’ll find it a lot easier to get back into shape and relieve stress. Limit yourself to gentle poses during the first few weeks. Gentle Pilates is also a great way to start toning your muscles. It is advised that you continue with the Kegel exercise as this will help strengthen weakened pelvic muscles.

Postpartum Exercise Bleeding

If you notice any occurrence of brightly tinged red bleeding, experience pain or increase in vaginal bleeding you are overdoing your postpartum exercise regimen or you started too soon. Stop any strenuous activity you're doing and consult with your doctor.

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology if you have had an operative delivery like vacuum extraction and forceps aided delivery or Caesarian section, you have to hold back exercising a bit. Avoid exercises that entail lifting of heavy objects. Start with small, slow and gentle exercises first and make sure that you are able and healthy enough to take on any weight loss after pregnancy program.

Dr. Diane Lee, BSRHon., is a physiotherapist and a clinical consultant at Ocean Pointe Physiotherapy Consultants in British Columbia, Canada stresses on the dangers of starting postpartum exercises too early. She states that you must give your body enough rest after undergoing birth. Having said that, there are cases of lots of women, you probably know some, who hit the gym, track and sports field within days of conception. It’s really up to you!

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