Losing Baby Weight

The best pregnancy diets, both mid-pregnancy and post-pregnancy, are listed and reviewed on this page (above). These programs provide FULL and comprehensive training programs, diet plans and support to get you back in shape fast!

Some of the least effective pregnancy diets include the Scarsdale Diet that guarantees 7-15 pounds weight loss after a two-week diet, it rarely delivers on this promise. The diet is designed to manage your hunger pangs with simple, everyday menus of healthy foods.

There is also the Lemonade Diet (what a joke, really!) wherein dieters drink nothing but lemonade the whole day together with salt water flush in the morning and laxative tea at night. You would need your doctor's approval before you take on this diet as you need to be absolutely healthy (and insane) for this.

Three-Day Diet where dieters eat just the necessary food to keep the body from going into conservation mode. Meals consist of small amount of bread, chicken, fruits and lot of water. You'll also need your doctor's go signal on this.

Another diet that is more of a serious joke is the Grapefruit Diet. If you really love grapefruits, then this will work for you because menus are quite limited. For cabbage lovers (ha!), the Cabbage Soup Diet Plan will be a perfect fit. This is designed for short range dieters where food is limited to cabbage soup, fruits and vegetables. Diet plans for women on losing baby weight will be more permanent if you partner it with an exercise regimen.

Losing Baby Weight Fast

For fast-track baby weight loss, you need to exercise, follow a diet and drink lots of water. Doctors recommend a 1000 calorie daily intake rich in proteins and fiber. Avoid carbohydrates.

Ideally, exercise routines should be two hour-long sessions, half of each session should be on walking, jogging or dancing and the other half on floor exercises and stretching. Drink at least 70 ounces of water daily. Losing baby weight should be easy enough, just keep in mind these three elements.

Carrying your baby a lot is a natural weight-lifting session that you'll enjoy the most. And get a lot of sleep. Sleep-deprived moms often derive energy from excessive food intake.

Losing Baby Weight After Second Baby

Even though most medical professionals will tell you that you shoudn’t start any serious or intense workouts for
losing baby weight before your sixth-week post natal check up, this advice is usually just to cover themselves for professional misconduct. The truth is that LOTS of women have hit the gym quickly, sometimes even within days of giving birth. I mean, honestly, the women in China have their kids on their lunch break and are back to work for the afternoon! If you want to start slow you can work the stairs, slowly at first, for 15 minutes a day. You can walk farther or longer as you get stronger. Also, watch out for increased bleeding or re-occurrence of bright red blood, stomach pains and feeling faint. Stop any activity if you feel any of these symptoms and report to your doctor. You can now start on diet plans to lose weight fast.

Losing Baby Weight While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is very effective in losing baby weight. Though you will need an increased calorie intake by about 500 calories a day, simply breastfeeding your child will burn 600-800 calories in a day.

Some women lose their baby fat from breastfeeding alone. You can even go below your pre-pregnancy weight as you continue with your breastfeeding. A word of caution, a study by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences concluded that 22% of women who were losing weight while lactating gained weight after lactation was stopped. As your child grows and take on solids and other supplement foods try to increase your exercise routines. You will also need to adopt diets for quick weight loss.

Losing Baby Weight Diet

If you want to jump start you weight loss, your best way is to engage effective
diets that work fast for women. There are several diets for losing baby weight designed to fit different personalities and lifestyles. Continued below....

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