Jogging While Pregnant

Jogging While Pregnant First Trimester

If you're going to jog while you're pregnant, make sure you are aware of the different stages of your baby's development.
During your first trimester the baby's vital organs are being formed. Be extremely careful not to allow your own body temperature to get too high because overheating can do damage.

For yourself, your breasts are getting bigger so make sure that you are wearing a sports bra that provides you with good support. As you go into the second trimester you may find it difficult to adjust to the change in your body's shape.

Running while pregnant may be a challenge for your equilibrium; if you fall, make sure you fall the right way, either to the side or on your butt. Although your amniotic fluid provides excellent shock absorption, you want to avoid falling on your belly. Now is a good time to consider running on a track or treadmill instead of on the open road.

Jogging While Pregnant Harmful

Jogging while pregnant will make you feel great, and
will help with your weight loss after pregnancy, but make sure that you are listening to your body and responding to differences in how you are reacting to exercise, especially in the third trimester. Switch from running to walking or swimming if you find yourself uncomfortable. If you experience any symptoms like bleeding or fluid leakage, weakness, contractions, or if you notice a decrease in movement from your baby, stop jogging and contact your physician.

You're pregnant; your health and the health of your unborn child are constantly on your mind. Whether you are an experienced runner or have never laced up a pair of jogging shoes, you are wondering if it would be okay for you and your baby to go jogging while pregnant. Jogging is a great form of exercise, but may not be the right answer for everybody, depending upon your individual pregnancy and your previous level of fitness. Before beginning any exercise program while pregnant, consult with your physician.

Jogging While Pregnant Healthy

As long as it's been approved by your physician,
exercising while pregnant is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby, and jogging is a terrific workout; it gets you out into the fresh air, improves your mood, and helps you keep your weight down. Some studies have shown that exercising consistently during pregnancy helps prevent gestational diabetes and shortens labor. While all this is true, it's also important that you do the right workout. If you have never run before, your pregnancy is not the right time to start. Go ahead and exercise, but do something that involves less stress on your body; walking and swimming are two of the best exercises for you.

If, however, you are an experienced runner, then you can continue running but make sure you are being smart about it. Dress appropriately, preferably in layers, so that if you start getting too warm you can shed something. Now is not the time to train for a marathon or set a PR, so don't add more miles or try to run too fast.

Remember that if you are breathing too heavily you are taking oxygen from the baby, so you shouldn't let yourself get to the point where you can't run and carry on a conversation at the same time. Run with a friend or with your cell phone so that help is close at hand if you need it.

When you are pregnant your joints soften, so running on a treadmill or running track will help prevent injury. Similarly, remember that your center of gravity is changing as your belly is growing, so be sure that your running shoes offer you maximum stability, and stay away from uneven surfaces.

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